BMW 3 Series: Now Six Figures in Australia, 320i/330e Gone

In 2023, BMW Australia achieved remarkable success, outperforming Mercedes in luxury vehicle sales with 26,184 units sold (a 15.4% YoY increase). The 3 Series ranked as the fourth most popular model, delivering 3,147 cars after the SUVs X1, X3, and X5. Unfortunately, the cost of acquiring a 3 Series has risen, posing further challenges for prospective buyers in 2024.

The new base model in Australia costs about 15,000 AUD more than the 2023 3 Series, a nearly 18% increase. The 330i M Sport Touring is priced at 98,900 AUD, including on-road expenses, with rear-wheel drive. Meanwhile, the M340i, which is only available as a sedan, is priced at 106,200 AUD and offers xDrive.

Deep-pocketed buyers can choose from various M3 models. The base RWD with manual starts at 161,300 AUD. The M3 Competition, auto-only, costs 171,600 AUD for RWD and 177,800 AUD for AWD. The M3 Touring, priced at 180,100 AUD, is exclusively available as a Competition xDrive model.

At an eye-watering 249,900 AUD, the M3 CS is the priciest item on the food chain. The super sedan will be removed from the lineup sooner rather than later because it is only produced in small numbers for a set period. It is unclear if Australia will host the M3 CS Touring, which is scheduled to begin in 2025.

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