LOOK: Larte Design’s of the BMW XM Label Red

Last year, BMW unleashed its most powerful production model yet – the XM Label Red. Limited to 500 units, this powerhouse sports a striking Frozen Carbon Black metallic finish. Larte Design seized one of these exclusive models and pushed boundaries further, creating a customized version that sparked controversy.

Larte Design’s customization of the G09 XM is jaw-dropping. The front end receives a dramatic overhaul, featuring a carbon fibre hood with a commanding centre bulge and a fierce splitter. At the rear, a complex diffuser with dual pairs of vertical fins and additional brake lights sets this modified XM apart, while two spoilers add aggression.

Expanding upon the XM’s presence, Larte Design enhances proportions with wider fender flares and beefier side skirts. Bespoke 23-inch forged wheels with striking red spokes complete the look. Whether in Frozen Carbon Black or Dravit Grey with gold accents, each customized XM exudes confidence and style.

While Larte Design’s aftermarket packages may not appeal to everyone, they cater to those who seek to make a statement. By transforming the XM into a head-turning masterpiece, these customizations offer boundless possibilities. For those bold enough to embrace the unconventional, Larte Design’s modifications promise exclusivity and allure.

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