[VIDEO] BMW XM Drag Race vs. Porsche Cayenne Turbo GT

At a drag strip, the BMW XM and Porsche Cayenne faced off in an epic showdown. It marks one of the first occasions the dedicated M model has entered a quarter-mile race. But this isn’t just any XM; it’s the Label Red variant, the most powerful production car from the manufacturer. This agile SUV has been fine-tuned to deliver nearly 800 horsepower, surpassing its impressive 738 horsepower output.

On the opposite end, the Cayenne presents itself as anything but ordinary. The Coupe Turbo GT we’re dealing with boasts a tuned V8 engine for added power. Now boasting just over 700 horsepower, it falls short of the BMW M powerhouse, but Porsche’s SUV is significantly lighter. Weighing in at 2,328 kg (5,132 lbs), the Porsche is approximately 400 kg (882 lbs) lighter than its Munich counterpart.

These drag races underscore the importance of various factors, with weight being a key differentiator, emphasizing that sheer power isn’t everything. Due to the driver’s delayed reaction, the XM Label Red experienced a sluggish start, allowing the Cayenne Turbo GT to gain a notable early advantage. Consequently, Porsche decisively claimed the first face-off.

Despite a closer contest in the second round, the Cayenne triumphed again. In the third showdown, the XM aimed for redemption but fell short, conceding defeat again. Notably, in the third race, the BMW flagship SUV achieved the fastest quarter-mile time of 11.263 seconds, while the Porsche secured the quickest time of 11.168 seconds in the second duel.

Despite the XM Label Red achieving better trap speeds that day, with 124.76 mph in the second race and 125.15 mph in the third, compared to the Cayenne Turbo GT’s 122.18 mph and 121.04 mph respectively, the latter emerged as the clear victor. This suggests that the two SUVs would have tied for first place in a half-mile race, with the BMW enjoying an advantage due to its higher speed.

Both German luxury SUVs can complete the quarter mile in under eleven seconds despite their large, hefty builds. While this is an impressive feat, the substantial weight becomes evident in cornering, where lighter and smaller vehicles like the M2 or Cayman shine.

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