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BMW Driver Training: Adventure Training And Trips 2005

The real experience is the process of getting there: In BMW Adventure Trainings and Adventure Trips, the actual training experience is enriched by another essential factor: These events combine exclusivity with individual style, a team experience with a club ambience, the thrill of travelling with mastery in controlling one’s car, and, not least, the joy of discovery with the experience of learning anew. Highly interesting training sessions are being offered in 2005:

  • BMW Winter Training in Austria and Scandinavia
  • BMW Z4 Roadster Adventure Trips
  • BMW X5 Adventure Trips
  • BMW M3 Nürburgring Nordschelife Circuit Training and the BMW M5 Nürburgring “Taxi” Experience

For the detailed programme, further information, data and prices of BMW Adventure Training and Adventure Trips in 2005, please see the internet at or call the BMW Driver Training Hotline on ++49/1805 /32 47 37. This is not available in Singapore at the moment.

BMW Winter Training: Elegant Pirouettes on Snow and Ice
BMW’s Winter Driver Training Sessions on snow and ice start each year in early December. The training locations are in Sölden, Austria and in Åre, Sweden. All of these training sessions have one asset in common: They offer a unique combination of successful learning in mastering your car on snow and ice with truly outstanding fun and a great experience.

The Winter Training Sessions in Sölden last two days. Participants drive a BMW 330i and other models in large, generously dimensioned training areas either in the valley or at the bottom of the Rettenbach and Tiefenbach Glaciers, as well as on cordoned-off sections of the mountain road between Sölden and the glacier area. The concept of wellness and really enjoying life is also important during the Sölden Training Sessions: Spending a wonderful evening in a mountain block cabin or relaxing in the bathing and sauna area of a five-star hotel, it is easy to leave the stress of everyday life behind and “let it all hang out”.

In Åre, in the heart of Sweden’s largest Alpine skiing area, a large and again generously dimensioned ice surface on the lake directly in front of the hotel is reserved as the “dancing floor” for the BMW M3s with their spike tyres. Over and above the Training Sessions culminating in a truly unforgettable ice rally, the beautiful countryside on the Polar Circle offers lots of wonderful opportunities for a short vacation. Indeed, BMW’s Adventure Training in Åre comes with an exclusive accompanying programme, offering participants the opportunity to discover an icy cave or go for a ride on a snowmobile.

BMW Z4 Roadster Adventure Trips: Driving “Topless” through the Most Beautiful Parts of Europe
In spring and summer, when the weather is just right for lowering the roof, the time is also right – if not to say, ideal – for BMW Z4 Roadster Adventure Trips through the most attractive countryside in Europe. Just two of the many destinations, by way of example, are the Tuscany Region in Italy or the Ticino Canton in Switzerland. Cruising in their Z4s, participants spend four wonderful days enjoying serpentine roads in the Italian part of Switzerland, in the Engadin Region, and in Italy itself. Experienced instructors very well acquainted with the location make sure that every bend is nothing but blissful pleasure on these glacier roads and mountain passes with their breathtaking panorama. And it almost goes without saying that these Z4 Adventure Trips come with an attractive accompanying programme organised to make all participants feel really at home: Specialities from the local cuisine pamper the Z4 drivers after their excursions through the unique countryside, to cultural and historic sights.

BMW X5 Adventure Trips: A Far-Out Experience for Man and Machine
The Adventure Trip in the BMW X5 through Namibia south of the equator is certainly a unique way to combine that Sheer Driving Pleasure so typical of BMW with a truly unusual vacation: This nine-day offroad adventure takes participants to one of the most beautiful and wildest regions in the world. Covering a distance of approximately 1,200 km or 750 miles, participants will experience numerous challenges for man (and woman) and machine. Downhill gradients of up to 11 %, gravel, sand, rocky tracks and a lagoon only accessible during low tide – these are the challenges you have to brave. On this exclusive safari, participants also learn how to navigate with an offroad GPS system and the roadbook, they practise the exact handling of their car in the dry moonscapes and mountainous sand dunes of the Namib Desert.

The social programme on this unique trip leaves nothing to be desired: Participants are led by highly experienced, English or German-speaking guides through the unique countryside in Namibia, experiencing both a wide variety of animals and species and a consistent change of nature. The carefully selected, highly individual routes and overnight accommodations combine luxury with stylish simplicity typical of the country.

The Nürburgring Nordschleife: Ideal for M3 Circuit Training and the M5 Nürburgring “Taxi”
The aficionado of high-speed driving will be simply thrilled by a unique race track experience on the labyrinth of the “Green Hell”, as the Nordschleife is called. This is where participants experience the BMW 330i and M3 precisely where they are fine-tuned by BMW’s engineers and suspension specialists in the development process. Apart from the theory of driving dynamics, the programme comprises Section Training making participants aware of the particular challenges of this demanding track. The highlight of this two-day course is the completion of several guided laps round the track almost 21 km or 13 miles in length, following a pace car setting the right standard. In the process the instructors ensure absolute safety: The focus is on safe driving on the ideal line, not on the fastest lap times, which are not measured, anyway.

A Truly Unique “Taxi”: Experiencing Nürburgring in the BMW M5.
The enthusiast wishing to experience what the 507 bhp of a BMW M5 have to offer on the Northern Circuit of Nürburgring will simply love taking his – or her – seat in what must be the world’s fastest “taxi”: The team of Nürburgring “taxi drivers” even comprises the likes of racing icon Hans-Joachim Stuck, the man who drove the race-winning BMW M3 GTR at Nürburgring on 13 June 2004. From April – November the BMW “Taxi Driver Team” will be supplemented by other experienced BMW Driver Training Instructors such as Claudia Hürtgen, the winner of the 2003 German Touring Cup, or Sabine Schmitz.

For Singapore Owners

There are always the Advanced Driver Training & Intensive Driver Training Courses which are held in the Pasir Gudang Track (Off Johor Bahru). You can check out the details of these two courses here.

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