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[VIDEO] The Straight Pipes Reviews the BMW X3 M Competition LCI

Driving the BMW X3 M with a mid-cycle “LCI” facelift would be different. It’s fun to drive even if the suspension was stiff enough. Let’s check in the video from The Straight Pipes below if the facelifted is as good as the original.

Little has changed in the way things work, mechanically speaking. It still has the same twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter inline-six that produces 503 horsepower and 479 lb-ft of torque in Competition-spec. In addition, the green paint makes it more gorgeous.

Since its debut, the BMW X3 M Competition has remained at its blistering pace. Straight-line performance is unmatched, yet it retains all of the car’s thrills on curvy roads. The X3 M Comp isn’t a bad substitute for the M3 Touring in North America. Just how it appears, it’s lightning-fast, really useful, and almost unbelievably amusing.

The ride, in particular, has made a tremendous difference. In comfort mode, the pre-LCI X3 M was a beast on a good day, on German roads. Sinkholes appeared in the tiniest of fissures in the pavement. In the opinion of Straight Pipes, the riding has vastly improved. In its comfort mode, it’s actually rather comfortable, but in its athletic modes, it still stiffens up. BMW appears to have done a fantastic job of separating the drive modes and improving the usability of the suspension day in and day out.

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