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Upcoming BMW Models for 2006


BMW 3-series Coupe


At the Geneva Motor Show BMW will release the new 3-series Coupe. The photo is showing the new model in full showroom trim. Power for the CC comes from a variety of six-cylinder engines ranging from 2.2 litre 180 HP to 3.0 litre 258 HP. The top of the line M3 will get a V8 4.0 litre engine delivering around 400 HP. Furthermore three Diesels will be available performing 163 HP to 272 HP.

BMW Series 1 Three-Door


At the upcoming Geneva Motor Show BMW will also release the sporty three-door variant of the current Series 1 model which was available as a five-door only. The three-door’s side doors are larger, and the B-pillars are set further back within the wheel-base. The pictured prototype has no disguise, and judging from the double exhaust pipes the car is equipped with a 3.0 litre six cylinder fuel engine delivering about 250 HP. The 1-Series three-door model is expected to be in the dealerships from summer 2006 on.

BMW Z4 Restyling


BMW’s Z4 has been on the market since 2002 and is about to undergo a minor facelift, due for launch equally in Geneva. The photo is showing a prototype with a few strips of tape for disguise.

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