The All-new 2023 BMW iX M60 Configurator

Earlier this year, BMW unveiled the iX M60, the M brand’s first electric SUV. Although the price is not cheap, the high price tag already includes extras in the standard equipment, which are complemented by a range of options. The price of $106,095 includes the cost of transport and packaging.

The Aventurine Red Metallic and Storm Bay Metallic paint finish incurring an additional cost of $1,950 each. In addition to the Black Sapphire, Dark Graphite, Mineral White, Pythonic Blue, Blue Ridge Mountain and Oxide Grey metallics, the non-metallic Alpine White is also free. A pair of 22-inch wheels cost $950 more than the cheaper 21-inch wheels.

BMW offers the high-performance electric SUV with faux leather (Sensatec) as standard in the iX M60’s interior. For an additional perforated leather in Amido or Castanea Chestnut, $3,500 is charged. As for trim colour, you’ll have to settle for Titanium Bronze. Then there’s the Driving Assistance Professional package for $1,900, which includes Parking Assist Professional and Active Driving Assist Pro.

The final option for the 2023 iX M60 is the Luxury Package for $1,150, which adds fancy glass and wood controls and automatic door closing. BMW is offering two years of free 30-minute charging at Electrify America to entice customers to buy its cars.

Including transportation and handling costs, the total cost is $115,370. This does not even include the EV-related discounts available to 2023 BMW iX M60 buyers. The BMW X5 M Competition with the M Driver’s Package will set you back about $119,900 before all the other options.

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