BMW M4 G82 by 3D Design launches with new aero parts

Like it or not, the new G82 BMW M4 is the most aggressive M3/M4 vehicle. Its massive grille, slim headlights, bonnet bulges and huge front air intakes give it an edgier look than any of its predecessors. If that’s not aggressive enough for you, 3D Design has a few new aero features for you.

BMW M4 G82 by 3D Design launches with new aero parts

The new 3D Design Aero Kit includes redesigned front spoiler lips, a lower splitter, front bumper channels, lower side skirts, a rear diffuser, rear side panels and a boot spoiler. Each of these new aero parts is made from carbon fibre, making them lightweight and strong. Fitment and finish are excellent, as usual with 3D Design.

BMW M4 G82 by 3D Design launches with new aero parts

It may seem like the added aggressiveness is overkill for the BMW M4, but it’s not. The added aerodynamics enhance the angular appearance of the M4. It also adds much-needed ferocity to the rear of the car, which tends to be more conservative, and balances the look.

If you want to improve the interior, 3D Design has the solution for you. From aluminium pedals to carbon fibre steering wheel inserts and the new carbon fibre gearshift paddles. If you want to purchase 3D Design’s upgraded gearshift paddles, you should opt for the aluminium ones, as the regular BMW M4 gearshift paddles are now made of carbon fibre. However, the metal gearstick paddles from 3D Design are fantastic and feel completely different from the standard ones.

The design is too restrained for some people who have seen the BMW M4. However, 3D Design’s aero components are an excellent alternative for anyone who wants a bit more fury from their two-door M vehicle.

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