MINI transitioning into a new chapter

BMW’s Director of Design Adrian Van Hooydonk confirmed that Mini is transitioning into a new chapter. Now that they are entering the second decade under BMW ownership, they are moving into new strategical directions and taking more risks.

The future strategy of Mini was presented to the BMW board last May, and it highlighted that the original Mini which had intelligent engineering will still be evident in their future models. This is so Mini will stay as a premium car with unique solutions and construction, serious handling, and strong sense of style.

Van Hooydonk admits that they are exploring with the front-wheel drive system and that they are being pressured by BMW to boost their sales as a stand-alone brand. But this will not interfere with the right time frame for Mini achieve these goals.

It is clear though that we will be expecting fresh, fun, premium and unique vehicles from Mini in this second decade under BMW management.

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