Check the BMW M5 Competition in Individual Brass Metallic

Bavarian model enthusiasts have always been vocal about how much they love certain car colours; however, this review is a little different. A look at the BMW M5 Competition in Individual Brass Metallic gives us new insight as to whether BMW would continue to offer this type of colour option.

The Individual Brass Metallic has these strange brown and green tones that are not so appealing in certain lighting conditions. In some ways, however, it has a very cool brass look that is also pleasing to the eye. 

When it comes to the M5, brass shines brighter than white, black and grey. The use of monochrome tones is overly prevalent in BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Audi. The BMW M5 is uncomplicated, beautiful and sophisticated, but it can be transformed by a unique colour scheme.

Despite its lack of feel, the BMW M5 Competition’s steering is natural and well-weighted, and the car’s suspension settings are satisfactory. Compared to other cars in its class, it lacks drama, thrill and vitality.

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