New Badge found on Unreleased G70 BMW 745e Plug-In Hybrid

The M760e was the first M Performance vehicle to include a plug-in hybrid drive when BMW debuted the 7 Series G70 in mid-April. Also in spring 2023, BMW plans to debut a 750e xDrive PHEV and says they will release more PHEV models in the future.

On closer inspection, you will notice an unusual badge, although it looks exactly as expected. There is a distinct difference between the “7” and the “45e”. We have already seen this appearance on the M760e, where the “M” is larger than the “760e”. On the i4 M50, however, the “M” is similarly added above the “50”. The “e” is adjusted to the same size as the previous “45” for a more subtle adaptation. The “e” at the end of the letter “e” seems to be an attempt by BMW to emphasise the 7 Series model range and the growing importance of electrification.

The 745e is not a new name for BMW, since it launched in 2019 as part of the G11/Lifecycle G12 upgrade. The 745e replaced the B48 four-cylinder engine with a B58 straight-six. The G70-based model will, of course, be below the 750e in the pecking order. In terms of power, the 750e offers 490 hp and 516 lb-ft more than what we can expect from the 745e. The battery capacity of the plug-in hybrid versions of BMW’s new flagship has increased by more than half compared to the previous model. With an additional 7.4-kilowatt charger, it can complete a full charge in less than three hours.

BMW claims that the 750e can drive 89 kilometres (57 miles) on the WLTP cycle without refuelling, making it the world’s first all-electric premium sedan. The expected new 745e would have a similar electric range to the existing one, which was 58 km (36 miles).

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