BMW V-Series Spy Photos Re-Emerge

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A new BMW test mule has hit the scene, and it just may be the first sign that BMW’s long-rumored V-series van might finally be gestating. Based on a modified 3-series Sport Wagon body, this mule looks far more car-based than an earlier mule for BMW’s next X3 (which also utilized a 3- wagon body). The X3 mule had a tall, off- road-ready stance, while this latest mule rides low, and is set-up strictly for on-road duty.

Judging from these two mules, BMW’s strategy appears clear: the new component set under development will spawn the next X3, along with a new more car-like people mover that will further expand the BMW model-range.

This prototype’s unique front bumper has some M3 overtones, but the the design is original. The rear bumper sports dual exhausts, and a unique rear cut-out which suggests that there is plenty of unique engineering work that has gone into this prototype.

Earlier reports have been calling BMW’s foray into this new people-mover segment either the V3 or the V5.

Whatever the name, it appears that this new type of Bimmer is now truly in the BMW development pipeline.

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