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BMW takes number on spot in Supplier Relations, survey says

BMW is now the number one automobile manufacturer that suppliers want to work with, survey shows.  Volkswagen on the other hand repels suppliers because of too much pressure in lowering prices. This result is from the 6th annual Automotive News Europe/SupplierBusiness OEM-Supplier Relations Study that was released today.

BMW takes the top spot that Toyota got last year. Toyota is now just in 5th place mainly because of recall issues of 8.5 million cars in relation to unintended acceleration and poor braking.

Looks like BMW is one good customer too. Their recent strategies has caused them to be number one this year, when they were just 5th place last year. This is a big improvement for BMW in supplier relations.

The survey was done last May to June 2010. The factors for rating were pressure to reduce price, chance to make a strong return on investment, quality demands and trust. The respondents came from different parts of the globe: 50% in North America, 41% in Europe, and 9% in Asia.
Source: Autonews

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