BMW Scores in China with 51% growth

Over at ShanghaiDaily,

BMW Scores in ChinaBMW has boosted sales by 51.3% in 2006 as more and more wealthy chinese placed down their orders for the german marque.

Over 35,000 BMW and Mini units were sold last year, adding a big jump to a 47% increase. Starting in 2005, BMW has done extremely well to grab plenty of market share in the world's 2nd largest automobile market.

 "However, BMW's market share with an estimated 15 percent for the
premier car segment, still lagged Audi's 48 percent for 2005.
DaimlerChrysler's Mercedes-Benz models accounted for four percent
during the same period.

Audi, the luxury car unit under
Volkswagen AG, announced on Tuesday sales in China set a new record
last year with 81,708 units, up 39 percent over the previous year.

sales included 4,486 imported units as well as 77,222 units that were
made by Volkswagen's venture with First Automotive Works Group, China's
second largest state-owned car maker."

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