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BMW M3 Sedan Facelift Spied Again

The BMW M3 Sedan was only unveiled to the public at the Tokyo Motor Show last October so the fact we are about to see amid-life facelifted model is almost comical. It puts forward the argument the Bavarian manufcturer went wrong somewhere and would like to quickly rectify it, we have seen this from models such as the US-Spec Ford Focus which gets a facelift nearly every year but not something you would normally associate with BMW. Fortunately we are happy to report the M3 sedan is just getting modiofcations in line with the rest of the 3 series range.

Our spies have now caught the best shots yet of the M3 Sedan stripped of almost any disguising, the front fascia will be slightly re-designed with a new bumper, modified fog lights and a differently sculpted bonnet as well as restyled tail-lights and a modified cabin.

The updated model will be presented for the first time at the Paris Motor Show in September.


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