BMW Intensifies Global Search for Engineers

BMW personnel chief Harald Krueger confirmed that their search for engineers and electronics experts has intensified in the United States, China and India. This is because of the various developments they have on the way including electric cars and the Megacity vehicle. Technical staff are needed in the following areas according to Krueger: new materials, lightweight construction, simulation technology, electrical systems, electronics, batteries and powertrain technology.

Despite the growing shortage of engineers, BMW is confident that they will hire many new graduates. Training their core employees is also a focus, so that they will be the best in their craft. BMW will be building a new factory in China so they will be needing a bunch of staff for this facility there. Their US facility is also expanding, and they are open to hire engineers from India.

Krueger also confirmed that they are looking to promote more women employees especially in leadership positions. As of the moment, 13% of their workforce consists of women, but they are not requiring any quota for women employees. For BMW, it is still more important that the right person handles the job — gender is not a primary concern, together with age and nationality.

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