BMW Group shows increased sales in September and for the year to September

Source: BMW Press (AG)  Munich.

The BMW Group continued its sustained successful growth as the
third quarter drew to a close. Sales of BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce brand
vehicles rose in the first nine months of 2006 by 3.3% to 1,021,534
(prev.yr.: 988,480). This meant that, for the first time in the
company's history, over a million automobiles were sold by the end of
the third quarter. On a monthly basis, the number of new vehicles
handed over to customers reached 132,194 units (prev.yr.:
131,717/+0.4%). Never before have so many vehicles been sold during the
month of September.

For the BMW brand, sales in the year to September 2006 rose by 5.5% to
874,208 automobiles (prev.yr.: 828.597). The core model series BMW 3, 5
and 7 Series all recorded sales increases. For the 3 Series, this
increase was 20.5%. With this, the BMW Group's highest selling model
series reached 374,996 vehicles sold (prev.yr.: 311,318). Within the 3
Series, the touring version is the leader of the pack in terms of sales

With 78,357 of the 3 Series touring sold, sales doubled here
compared with the same period in the previous year (39,332/+99.2%).
169,595 of the 5 Series were sold in the year up to and including
September, which is 2.1% higher than last year's already high level
(166,132). The BMW flagship, the 7 Series, grew by 8.3% to reach 36,784
units (prev.yr.: 33,974). The BMW 1 Series also further expanded its
market position. Sales rose by 2,2% to 116,684 automobiles (prev.yr.:

Seen on a monthly basis, the BMW brand has grown by 2.2%, with 113,979
deliveries (prev.yr.: 111,524). The new generation of the BMW 3 Series
Coupé and the model revision of the BMW X3 have been delivered to
customers since 23 September. These models will provide an additional
boost to growth over the next few months.

Because of the building measures to expand capacity and to change over
production to the new generation of the MINI, it has not been possible,
during the current year, to completely meet demand from the market.
The number of MINI vehicles delivered after the first three quarters of
2006 was therefore, at 146,851 units, 7.9% less than in the previous
year (159,419).
On a monthly basis, sales of MINI fell to 18,140 units (prev.yr.:
20,118/-9.8%) compared with September 2005. The new generation of MINI
in Europe will be launched on the market on 18 November. The expanded
production capacities will thus also be available, and this will take
sales of MINI to new record levels.

Rolls-Royce increased the number of Phantoms delivered in the months up
to and including September by 2.4% to 475 automobiles (prev.yr.: 464).
In September, 75 Rolls-Royce vehicles were delivered (prev.yr.: 75).

In the motorcycle segment, sales for the year ending September were
slightly below the previous year, declining by 1.9% to 79,333
(prev.yr.: 80,840). In the month of September 2006, 7,926 BMW
motorcycles were sold, which is a remarkable increase of 11.8% over the
previous year's figure (7,089).

BMW Group Sales in/up to & incl. September 2006 at a glance
In Sept. 06 comp. w. prev.yr. Up to & incl. Sept. 06 comp.w. prev.yr.
BMW Group automobiles 132,194 +0.4% 1,021,534 +3.3%
BMW 113,979 +2.2% 874,208 +5.5%
MINI 18,140 -9.8% 146,851 -7.9%
Rolls-Royce 75 +/-0%- 475 +2.4%
BMW motorcycles 7,926 +11.8% 79,333 -1.9%

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