BMW Group focuses on Small Car Strategy

According to BMW’s research, car owners are now downsizing. This reveals that there will be a large demand for small city cars especially those in the C-Segment Compact class, the D-Segment Small Sedan class and the small-mid sized SUV class. BMW will use the small car strategy to achieve premium growth and will invest heavily in these segments.

BMW wants to offer a smaller fleet for the BMW, Megacity Vehicle, and Mini lines. But of course, they want to offer the functionality, style, and efficiency that the car market needs.

In line with this, the next 1 Series will have four variants of body style, the F30 3 Series will add a Gran Turismo model, the MegaCity vehicle will be offered in a five door four seater version and a three door two seater option as well, and the Mini Coupé that will be released next year will be extraordinarily unique with better handling.

So far, it looks like BMW Group’s small car strategy is working. The Mini Countryman’s production slots are already 50% sold out.  The BMW X1 has also sold more than 40,000 units since 2009. The global sales have been consistently high every month. BMW is on the path of success and will not give up until they achieve their goals.

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