BMW CEO: Right Time to Switch to Electric Vehicles

BMW just announced that it would present a new platform for most of its car models coming in 2025. The German brand brings back the original platform of the “Neue Klasse”. It was the same platform that saved them from near bankruptcy back in the 1970s. The all-new “Neue Klasse” will be the future of BMW EV’s, bearing the ever attractive exterior and efficient performance. This holds as another step in BMW’s road in the right direction, and BMW CEO agrees. However, only limited details are available as of today.

BMW CEO Right Time to Switch to Electric Vehicles

According to our trusted resources, the new platform won’t be aimed entirely at electric cars. As a matter of fact, it will sway from the influence of existing electric cars in the market. It is also reported that the Neue Klasse still support cars with internal combustion engines. However, the main target would still be extending the development of electric models. For some, they consider this as a flaw in the automaker’s plans. But the CEO stands with their plans, securing that the company is progressing at the right pace.

In his interview with Reuters this week, Oliver Zipse affirmed its right timing. He said, “For many, it looked like we took a break, but we actually didn’t take a break. We waited for the moment when electromobility is increasing in volumes”. Furthermore, he emphasized BMW’s different approach, catering to a particular demographic: “When you look at the scenes in the market with such dedicated electric platforms, the cars all look the same. BMW sells to specific, well-paying customers that, I think, don’t expect cars that look alike.”

BMW CEO Right Time to Switch to Electric Vehicles

Well, BMW CEO seems to have a point. It is only recently that electric cars are gaining serious traction with decent sales figures until 2021. With this, BMW continues toward a future that promotes a new platform. They hope to deliver satisfaction for those looking for a zero-emissions model or a more traditional offering. But according to Zipse, regardless of what the customer chooses, the design will be unique and distinct.

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