Reviving the BMW “Neue Klasse” Name for Future EVs

BMW seems to have confusion in Munich about its future electrified vehicles. According to a recent report, BMW is planning to switch into an all-new flexible architecture by 2025. BMW will be reviving an iconic name from the past – the BMW Neue Klasse.

Reviving the BMW Neue Klasse Name for Future EVs

“Neue Klasse” means a new class when translated from German to English. BMW’s original Neue Klasse chassis underpinned the iconic BMW 2002. So, the idea of having the Neue Klasse name back for a new flexible chassis is a good idea.

The new Neue Klasse architecture will be replacing the current CLAR and UKL rear-wheel and front-wheel drive architectures. According to the latest report, this Neue Klasse will be having room for internal combustion engines despite being “all-electric.” It is flexible and seems a good move from BMW.

Reviving the BMW Neue Klasse Name for Future EVs 1

However, BMW says it will be doing this with an all-new architecture called “Power of Choice.” As far as we know, it is not the Power of Choice but rather the new Neue Klasse. BMW did not just plan to change the name but the whole new platform as well.

About just a week ago or two, words about BMW working on a new purely electric platform similar to the Volkswagen Group came out. That could turn out true, but it still seems that BMW is quite uncertain between internal combustion and electrification.

The report also claims that the traditional designs of BMWs will change with the Neue Klasse chassis. Given an instance that all internal combustion engines will be small, if applicable. The BMW Neue Klasse will be replacing the traditional long hoods with shorter ones. Moreover, aerodynamics will play its part in the game with a larger design in styling than before.
To be fair enough, these can also be said to the renowned BMW 2002 with its spacious cabin, stubby front end, and simple aerodynamic shape.

Reviving the BMW Neue Klasse Name for Future EVs 2

This new BMW Neue Klasse architecture will reportedly be replacing the previously announced Power of Choice. The Neue Klasse will be electric but not a whole EV platform. It will also replace the UKL and CLAR architectures, integrating internal combustion engines. Will it be able to provide both front and rear-wheel-drive cars? Does it mean BMW will be pulling out the development of front-wheel-drive cars?

There is no information about these and no answers as of now. The idea of the new BMW Neue Klasse is something to look forward to, bringing back its impact from the ’60s.

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