Audio Books for BMW Films Launched

Text courtesy BMW AG

BMW follows the success of “The Hire” series of BMW Films with new innovative on-line activity

Inspired by the success of BMW’s innovative series of internet-based short films under ‘The Hire’ banner (starring Madonna, Clive Owen, James Brown and Gary Oldman, 100 millions viewers), BMW is now entering another new media arena with audio books. The four debut short stories mix the best in BMW product with contemporary original literature.

The stories have been designed to be experienced while driving, with the average length of 45 minutes per story matching the average driver’s commute. The first four stories feature the BMW X3, 1 Series, Z4 and 7 Series models and scripts have been written by both established and up-and-coming authors – Karin Slaughter (Kisscut, Faithless, Indelible), James Flint (The Book of Ash, 52 Ways to Magic America), Don Winslow (The Power of the Dog, California Fire and Life) and Simon Kernick (The Crime Trade, The Murder Exchange).

The first audio book, Don Winslow’s Beautiful Ride, features a BMW Z4 and launches on February 2, 2006, three weeks before the car’s European debut at the Geneva Motor Show. Slaughter, Flint and Kernick’s stories will be launched during the next six weeks.

BMW Audio Books are available for free download via . Users can then burn their own CDs and / or load the content on their iPods or other MP3 players. The website also provides background information about the authors and allows users the opportunity to submit reviews.

The principle behind this new genre for BMW was based on the concept that senses and experience are influenced by environment. For example, reading a ghost story while sitting alone at night in a derelict gothic mansion will be more emotionally involving than reading the same story on a Spanish beach. The same principle applies to an audio book featuring an exciting or challenging drive-story heard whilst at the wheel – particularly if the wheel in question is the same car as described in the story.

Richard Hudson, BMW UK Marketing Communications Manager, said: “BMW Audio Books are another innovative marketing communication that were inspired by the success of the BMW Films series. The audio books take a traditional creative process and twist it into a unique offer for a forward-thinking audience. BMW has always challenged perceptions and driven new technology forwards and we believe that BMW Audio Books reflect the same principles. We also think that the best place to enjoy the stories will be at the wheel of the BMW featured in the story.”

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