The Latest BMW ALPINA B8 Gran Coupe stars in Aventurine Red

ALPINA Green and Blue are the two equally famous colours on all ALPINA cars. When it comes to ALPINA automobiles, they are easily recognisable. Therefore, these two colours are standard in the colour pallet of the ALPINA B8 Gran Coupe. The Buchloe-based carmaker decided to match the sophisticated ALPINA Green with the Aventurine Red in a recent photoshoot. It’s an interesting new colour and even more commanding. BMW uses the Aventurine Red on their high-end cars and is well-known among BMW customers. This colour has an additional cost of $1,950, while the Green and Blue are part of the standard package. 

B8 Gran Coupe

With an optional M carbon roof and typical ALPINA design elements, the B8 Gran Coupe stars in the latest images from the Salzburgring. The exhaust system with four tailpipes, the 21-inch forged wheels in an iconic multispoke design and the redesigned aprons on the front and rear are all ALPINA design cues on this luxury four-door coupe. You can get the four-door coupe with a 4.4-litre twin-turbo V8 which makes 612 horsepower for $139,900. The B8 Gran Coupe can go from zero to sixty in 3.3 seconds, according to the carmaker’s initial tests. 

An ALPINA-tuned version of the same ZF 8-speed gearbox found in the M850i assists in getting all of the power to the wheels. To increase the engine’s output, ALPINA strengthened up the torque converter and re-calibrated the software. As a result, a tuned xDrive all-wheel-drive system sends all the power to all four axles. Furthermore, a limited-slip differential helps unlock the B8’s zee dynamism, as the Germans call it in press interviews. ZF’s Active Kinematics Control System also provides a four-wheel steer. As a result, at high speed, the rear wheels steer with the front axle while they steer up to 2.3 degrees opposing the front axle at low speed.

The ALPINA B8 Gran Coupe is more exclusive and highly desirable. It is also less expensive than the BMW M8 Gran Coupe Competition, with a starting price of $139,900.

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