The Level 3 Autonomous Driving Arrives in 2022

Currently, only BMW cars have Level 2 autonomous driving, but huge improvements in these advancements will come soon. It only means that it can make driving in monotonous situations a lot easier. Level 2 autonomous driving also retains a safe distance from the car ahead and keeps you in your lane. However, it will still require your full attention and input. As a result, BMW is currently working on Level 3 self-driving features.

Level 3 autonomous driving

Frank Weber, the head of BMW R&D, was asked if the company plans to introduce these new features in a recent interview. According to him, the Level 3 systems aren’t currently available globally. This is for the fact that these features aren’t 100 percent safe or legal. They will also improve the previous models’ functions with 40 new features. BMW will introduce Level 3 autonomous driving in 2022. However, they will have to prove that the self-driving vehicle is safer than a human driver, as passing the certification process is complicated.

According to Weber, Level 2 indicates that you’re still in charge of the vehicle. You must stay vigilant at all times to ensure nothing goes wrong. However, the Level 3 functions will all be available on highway driving. For the fact that there are more reasonable driving situations on the city streets. They are currently in the middle of validating all impossible and possible driving scenarios. But these tests are all based on data-driven simulation rather than the actual mileage.

The new BMW iX electric SUV comes with Level 3 characteristics even though in its introduction, it doesn’t include the actual Level 3. Weber further explained that it needs a steady finished vehicle such as the new iX. This is to ensure that customers can do all the validations. The company uses a data-driven method, and they have simulated the millions of miles.

By mentioning the distinctions between Level 2 and Level 3, the boss of BMW R&D wraps up the interview. He said that the two levels vary differently in terms of technology. With less redundancy than actual Level 3 autonomous driving, Level 2 means the driver is in command. The two levels use entirely different technologies, yet they may appear to be similar. As a result, they must develop new technology in the vehicle to transfer the responsibility of the car to the driver.

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