BMW M3 Competition xDrive: Potentially the best M3

The introduction of xDrive for the M3 lineup has met some mixed reactions, especially from Bavarian enthusiasts. Although BMW M already proved itself with the xDrive on its M5, it resulted in a bit heavy character. Rated at 600 horsepower, the luxury-car-turned-performance-car, all-wheel-drive felt like the logical evolution. With the BMW M3, its vision is to be fairly lightweight and straightforward, right? But, as we’ve seen the M3 Competition in action before, the idea of getting an xDrive version seems thrilling, actually.

BMW M3 Competition xDrive: Potentially the best M3

The G80 BMW M3 Competition sits differently from its M3 lineup. It does not possess the soft and pure character of the E46 M3 or E30 M3, and it is not as uptight and resounding as the E92 M3. The G80 M3 is brutal, violent, and unbelievably capable. And compared to its predecessors, it shifts direction better, without the power ever relenting. It surely can overpower any competitor on the track. It’s a monster of a car, and the only flaw it sometimes delivers is the shortfall with traction.

While it remains true to its monstrous capabilities, it’s a pretty adjustable car. You can drive it nice and tidy if you want, clipping apexes and setting lap times. Or, you can act with your racing pursuits, playing with its drift analyzer. You only need to be more mindful, though, it has so much torque that it can be really easy to overwhelm even its incredibly sticky rear Michelins. Not only that, it already showed a few setbacks on drag races, too, because it just can’t hook up. But, that problem would be solved by the all-wheel-drive.

BMW M3 Competition xDrive: Potentially the best M3

Well, it’s true that all-wheel drive is for geeks and squares, rear-wheel drive is for the purists, the automotive aces. But, we can’t deny that one of the charm’s of the M3 Competition is its violently fast and capable performance. It conquers the road like a four-doored Nissan GT-R and changes direction like a housefly. It’s incredibly brutal that if it had all-wheel drive, it would only amplify that experience.

It’s completely understandable if purists still want the rear-wheel-drive and that’s fine. However, those who have already driven and tested the M3 Competition knows what we’re talking about. It really looks like it could actually be better with the xDrive all-wheel drive. Let’s anticipate the M3 Competition xDrive, as this might potentially be the next best M3 in the lineup. Stay tuned for more updates!

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