1MW Electric BMW M2: Rumored Project for 50th Anniversary

Next year, the BMW M division is set to celebrate its 50th anniversary, a perfect time to hold a proper celebration. According to several sources, the M division is preparing to put together some anniversary models. And yesterday, a report from Australia claims that the engineers in Munich are cooking something huge. If proven true, this could possibly be the pinnacle of their engineering design yet.

1MW electric BMW M2 Rumored project for 50th anniversary

Got you more curious? Well, according to WhichCar, BMW is currently in the works for an electric M2 model. It will have no less than 1,000 kW of power or a MegaWatt, if you will. That is the same amount of power as the Koenigsegg Agera RS. If BMW pulls this off, it might just be the most powerful car they ever made, and the fastest, too.

It appears that the alleged ‘project Katharina’ will include four electric motors with an all-wheel-drive setup. This is enough to make the car a proper contender to go against the fastest accelerating cars in the world right now.

1MW electric BMW M2 Rumored project for 50th anniversary

WhichCar sources say that the 1,321-hp M2 can accelerate to the benchmark 100 km/h speed in around 2 seconds. This means that it can spin its rear wheels at speeds up to 120 km/h on bone dry tarmac. The same sources also say it has the potential to go around the Nurburgring 40 seconds faster than the M8 Competition.

Not gonna lie, everything about it seems so exciting and impressive, but there’s a lot to take in here. True, this 50th anniversary project of the M division is a sweet treat for all their fans. But seeing it enter production feels too much. And if it happens to be true, it’s more likely that we’ll have the electric BMW M2 as a concept only. Nonetheless, it’s still exciting to see what the BMW can offer with a purely electric car.

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