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BMW 4 Series Convertible gets an NFT Artwork

BMW Brazil unveiled the 4 Series Convertible as part of a digital project with brand ambassador Gabriel Wickbold. These art projects are developed into NFTs (Non-fungible Tokens), digital assets that are unique and verifiable on the blockchain. Since NFTs are non-transferable, no two NFT assets are alike.

The artist’s gallery will soon auction five NFT projects produced by BMW Brazil. The proceeds will go to an institution chosen by the gallery to support the education and training of artists. The fourth work, entitled “I Am Light”, features a BMW 4 Series Convertible and represents spiritual enlightenment. We can see that the light appears through the glitter of the car.

Gabriel Wickbold challenges viewers to look at themselves and understand that what we need is within ourselves. “I want to show that the human being is light and it is from within him that an infinite universe of possibilities starts. I close this cycle in the most photographic way possible, showing that photography is also about painting with light,” he added.

The introduction of the first published work, “Sexual Colours”, was in August, modifying the BMW 3 Series; the BMW 440i Coupe, “I am online” in September; and finally, “soMos”, a BMW M3 customisation, in October.

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