[Video] How fast is the BMW M4 CSL From Behind the Wheel

BMW has a number of high-performance automobiles in the works, including the BMW XM Label Red, the BMW M2, and the 3.0 CSL. Among the most anticipated is the BMW M4 CSL, the most extreme and hard-core version of the M4. A new video has AutoTopNL testing out one of the first CSLs to be delivered to customers. The owner has apparently driven the car for around 2,500 kilometres and brought it in for its first scheduled maintenance. That’s a lot of miles for a car that’s still relatively new.

This is the first time a driver’s-eye-view footage of the latest extreme Bimmer has been released. We can all attest to its strength at the wheel. The BMW M4 CSL’s 3.0-liter inline-six engine is twin-turbocharged, allowing it to produce 543 horsepower and 479 lb-ft of torque. To put it another way, it’s the most potent M3 or M4 ever made. The M4 CSL’s remarkable Autobahn speed is a result of its increased power and reduced weight of only 190 pounds. What’s fascinating, though, is how completely insane it appears to be.

In this clip, the rear tyres appear to be lit up at relatively light throttle applications, and the traction control appears to intervene rather rapidly even when set on MDM mode. An uncontrolled beast is what you can expect from the M4 CSL. However, that’s a positive development. It’s an extreme version of the M4, plus it’s a CSL, so it’s supposed to be a little off its rocker and even bite you if you’re not cautious.

We haven’t actually driven it yet, but initial impressions from the camera aren’t exactly inspiring. It sounds like an M4 but the exhaust doesn’t seem to be loud enough inside. The use of a microphone and speakers could account for that, though. When we get to test-drive it, we’ll have a better idea of how it performs.

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