[Video] First Demonstration and Review of BMW iDrive 8

The official launch of the latest BMW i4 and iX electric vehicles yesterday took place in Los Angeles. In this said event, a handful of journalists were lucky enough to experience the features of the new EVs firsthand. This includes the first-ever demonstration and review of the all-new BMW iDrive 8 infotainment system.

Let’s start with the new infotainment system’s physical layout. Instead of having a separate driver’s display and iDrive screen, BMW has combined the two into one large panel with two separate digital screens. The driver’s display is similar to the gauges found in any current BMW, but it has more futuristic graphics, more customization options, and a cleaner design.

The new iDrive system, on the other hand, is a complete overhaul, with an entirely new user interface. It also comes with additional functionality, stunning graphics, and a redesigned menu system. This is the biggest iDrive upgrade to date, and it appears to be the best. The entire infotainment system is powered by BMW iDrive 8.

The new BMW iDrive 8 emphasizes natural language dialogue-based interaction and touch control. There are also new features that enhance the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant capabilities, which communicate with the vehicle’s occupants through a new graphic.

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