[VIDEO] M8 Gran Coupe head starts McLaren 720S – Stage 2

A new BMW M8 Gran Coupe is taking over a drag racing block in the rival of a supercar. Recently, the BMW M5 Competition is considered the meanest on the drag racing block. It is quite impressive for a new kid to be the toughest for a start. But, in this race, the M8 Gran Coupe is tuned and wears the same engine. 

The rival on the other side is the McLaren 720S. It is a proper supercar and not your average Audi or Merc. But, this is where things start to get more interesting.

The M8 Gran Coupe comes with 600 horsepower for the standard model. Competition models of the M8 are also available with 625 horsepower. Both models can do 0-100 km/h (62 mph) and always in under three seconds regardless of BMW’s claims. 

In this tuned version of the M8, the horsepower is at 850. That is not just the advantage of the M8 but thanks to the Bavarian’s technology as well. The M8 Gran Coupe comes with an M xDrive all-wheel-drive system that gives the upper hand against the McLaren.

The supercar McLaren performs incredibly outstanding in drag races.  It comes with a 4.0 liter twin-turbo V8 and makes 720 horsepower with a rear-wheel-drive setup. The McLaren launches effectively even though the power is on the rear wheels. It is shockingly fast but, is it enough to take down an 850-horsepower car?

In this new video from DragtimesInfo, McLaren is far behind what it can do and misses the start. On the posted figures, the 720S is in the lower hand of the M8. Moreover, BMW M8 Gran Coupe made a time of 10.038 and an 11.249 for the McLaren. M8 nearly dropped under the 10-second benchmark that everyone uses on drag races. Imagine how things would have been with a better driver behind those wheels. 

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