[Video] 2021 BMW M5 Competition Competes E63 AMG S Again

The 2021 BMW M5 Competition is the first-ever M car to come out as an all-drive system. Its system alone can give it more efficiency than any M car. Today, we get to see again the BMW M5 Competition race against its rival vehicle for several years now – Mercedes-AMG E63 S. Find out how it outperforms AMG E63 S in the video below.

Today, Guido Naumann is the driver of both cars. Wearing almost the same Pirelli P Zero tires, he takes them around the Sachsenring. However, Mercedes wears the P Zero M01 version specifically. This can usually make a great difference when it comes to performance results.  

In contrast with the 612 horsepower of the Mercedes, the 2021 BMW M5 Competition takes over control with over 625 horsepower. However, they both have twin-turbo V8 engines. They also perform with an all-wheel drive, so at any minute they can be aggressive on the race track. On the one hand, with 100 Nm, the AMG has more torque than the BMW M5’s 750 Nm allocation. 

BMW M5 Competition has features that enthusiasts claim it is the best ever. Specifically, it has two modes – Sport plus mode and Sports only mode. Sports plus mode sets up the engines in an aggressive mode, while Sport only mode is when you set up the engines calmly and smoothly. You can choose between the two depending on how you see the racetrack’s roughness and smoothness. When on a road, adjusting to those conditions is surely what a driver can do. 

It’s extremely interesting how Naumann sets up the BMW M5 Competition to demonstrate how powerful it is on a race track. He sets it up on only Sports mode leaving the steering in comfort. Meanwhile, he also set up the all-wheel-drive system to 4WD set up. It is the standard set up of its drive system. But it only proves that it outran Mercedes-AMG E63 S in just seconds. 

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