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After investing 800000 hours, 1500 plans, 120 engineers and architects, BMW finally completed constructing its magnificent building called BMW WELT, meaning BMW WORLD. This building is located exactly where BMW has its base for over 90 years, in Munich. This building was designed by architects Coop Himmelb (l) au for the BMW. The construction commenced in July 2004 and was completed in June 2007. The WELT was then inaugurated and was opened for public only in October 2007. This building has a solar power plant on its roof and is a showroom for all the latest cars launched by BMW. The main objective of this is to render top class service to their esteemed new clients. This extraordinary building is built with all the modern architecture and engineering.

At the right of the northern entrance is the staging of all new models of latest series. The car delivery center is in the middle of the WELT, on the floor, above the Technology and Design Studio. The WELT has come up with a new unit, within the building, called Junior Campus. It is a special area for children between the age group of 7-13 for their events. Another amazing unit within the WELT is the BMW Lifestyle & Original Accessories Shop. A highly, sophisticated and genuine car accessories shop, wherein a customer has a wide range of car accessories of new cars. Accessories for the BMW Formula 1 cars are also available. A customer while buying a new car, can also choose new accessories and get them erected o the car right at the WELT.

This Munich plant makes about 800 cars of 3 series, high-powered M series petrol and diesel engines, every day. In short, the WELT is one stop BMW shop venture. Visiting here is a must in order to achieve a total know-how about BMW, the past series, the present range and the future plans.

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