ALPINA Fans Need Not Worry About Changes, BMW says

BMW Group is on a roll as it announced to expand its portfolio last March. After more than fifty years of collaboration, the German conglomerate will acquire ALPINA. BMW says ALPINA fans need not worry about changes.

ALPINA Fans Need Not Worry About Changes, BMW says

BMW and ALPINA renewed their existing agreement in 2020. This means that their current relationship will last until December 31, 2025. The acquisition will have significant implications for the workforce.

BMW will relocate those that will not continue to work at the Buchloe site. It will also offer jobs within the divisions of the BMW Group. It will also assist others in finding new jobs with their suppliers and partners. In other words, BMW will ensure that ALPINA employees are taken care of amid the acquisition.

Adrian van Hooydonk, BMW design leader, confirmed the future of ALPINA with BMW. In an interview at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este, he noted that ALPINA fans need not worry about changes. BMW knows that ALPINA already has a winning recipe. Surely, ALPINA’s new parent company will not try to mess with it. Notably, 2021 is a successful year for the luxury brand.

ALPINA Fans Need Not Worry About Changes, BMW says

“We want to be careful with that brand because we bought it for a reason. ALPINA is successful in its segment, and it stands for something. For high quality, handcrafted luxurious mobility. We felt that that would be good to add to our range. In fact, we were already helping ALPINA produce these vehicles, so we are not looking at any radical change in the immediate future,” says the Dutch designer.

BMW Group will be cautious and thoughtful for the future of ALPINA. Adrian van Hooydonk said there would be no significant changes in the near future. The designer noted that the current priority is to make the best relationship between ALPINA and BMW.

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