[VIDEO] BMW M Track Day at the Red Bull Ring

The first BMW M track day of this year, held at the Red Bull Ring, seems a successful event. With guests and various M models, the event is far to fail. Watch the remarkable event in this video.

This year, the Red Bull Ring in Austria housed the first BMW M Track Day in 2022. YouTuber Joe Achilles and professional drift car driver Joe Houtondji attended the event. And of course, the real attractions, the various M Cars, did not miss the event. Some of the honorable mentions are the M2 CS Racing and the M4 GT4.

M Cars are incredibly aggressive and fast. It is impossible for you to see its full potential on a public road. Therefore, a race track is where you can push an M car to its best performance. This makes the M Track Day a special event for BMW M owners.

Participants of the event can bring their own cars to drive. Organizers also provided BMW M cars for other guests to use. The event also provided courses with professional instructors to enhance driving skills.

One of the main attractions of the event is the M4 CSL. Organizers allowed participants to see the car in a closed room. The M Track Day started on May 14 but the CSL only arrived around a week after. Indeed, it is easily one of the most anticipated parts of the event.

Nevertheless, the second M Track Day in Europe will be on July 8 and 9 in Hockenheim, Germany. And the Nürburgring Nordschleife will hold the next event on September 29. The Sonoma Raceway already held the first event of 2022 in North America last May 10 to 15. Indianapolis Motor Speedway will hold the event from June 10 to 12, then Circuit of the Americas on July 7 to 11. The Monticello Motor Club scheduled the event for October 18 to 25.

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