A BMW EV Pickup Truck is Likely to Succeed in An Emerging Market

Since BMW initially began making cars, the automotive industry has seen significant change. If their radical new design language and rapid embrace of electrification are any indications, we can be sure that BMW is aware of it. Change is undoubtedly an integral part of the carmaker’s DNA, if not deeply ingrained. And that has many BMW enthusiasts on the edge of their seats: Could a BMW EV pickup be closer than we think? Many believes it could be closer than ever, as the event horizon of the electric car draws ever closer.

Money is the strongest argument somebody needs to take any action in business. Although the pickup truck business has always been strong in the US, it makes less sense internationally. However, during the past few years, that has radically changed. The Ford Lightning, GMC Hummer EV, and Rivian R1T’s successes have made the electric truck market sizable and lucrative. Want proof? In 2023, a Silverado EV and the quirky Canoo pickup truck are all anticipated to attend. And despite all odds, a Tesla Cybertruck may eventually go into production.

The suspiciously famous 2019 production-ready-appearing BMW X7 pickup is surely a hit for any long-time BWM enthusiast. There is also the renowned E30 M3 pickup truck. Before it was finally retired, this truck ran around the BMW headquarters for several years. Aside from that, BMW also did the E92 pickup April Fool’s joke. This includes how several new renders pop up on the internet once or twice a year.

On May 2015 from a Carsales.au report, Hendrik von Kuenheim highlighted the similarities between a BMW ute and the first-ever BMW X5. Accordingly, when they make this car, “it needs to drive like a BMW”. Hendrik also mentions how the remarkable first-generation E53 X5 comes from using only BMW genes. They might bring a vehicle that drives as well as one that was generally regarded as lukewarm by those who drove it, which some people might find absurd. Starting with its heavy use of carbon fibre and some obvious weight and space utilization, as seen from its present “skateboard” EV technology, it is definitely a good place to start.

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