[Video] BMW M5 Competition Deemed as a Rocket in this Review

The BMW M5 Competition is the fastest BMW M5 that you can get right now. Refreshed for this year, the new M5 Competition brings in a slightly distinct and fresh design up front and in the back. It also gains new dampers and new tech features inside, giving it an even sharper progression. Although the ew M5 CS is in the chards, the M5 Competition continues to uphold its record as the fastest sedans ever made.

Thus, M5 Competition owners can still celebrate with this fact until the arrival of the M5 CS. Although we can also talk about the M8 Gran Coupe, it is not a sedan but a four-door coupe according to BMW. But technically, both can still be considered as sedans. Symbolism integrated. Nevertheless, there is indeed a real excitement with the arrival of the M5 CS. This is because the CS plate will be integrated on an M5 for the first time.

In this video, the BMW M5 Competition stars the interesting review from the Straight Pipes. It’s a fun vide to watch as the team takes this beast on the track as well. This is a joy to many M5 enthusiasts as this Competition model was literally designed for these roads. However, the ‘standard’ M5 would still be a better choice if you don’t plan on using it on the track.

In this review, you’ll obviously expect the M5 Competition’s 625hp and RWD to impress you with its sideways action and launches. It’s also not that pricey, making this fastest sedan a very astonishing car indeed.

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