[Video] 1st Drive of the New BMW 128ti

The BMW 128ti is one of the latest debut cars of the Bimmer company. However, this new front-wheel drive 1 Series hatchback is somewhat too safe and a bit boring for many. Although it’s technically an impressive car, some find more interest in the performance of the Audi A3. The same goes for the BMW M135i. It feels far too impassive and digital although it’s quick. Thus, a lot became immediately intrigued when the M135i was dismantled. BMW gets rid of its annoying xDrive system and replaced with sharper, model-specific steering, differential tuning, and suspension.

The video above shows Joe Achilles driving the new and much simpler and lighter BMW 128ti. Its aim is to check whether this new 128ti is better than the M135i in terms of its speed, power, and grip capability.

Theoretically, it appears that the BMW 128ti would be not as good as the M135i. In fact, it is a heresy to BMW enthusiasts that it is only front-wheel drive. Its automatic gearbox also produces less power than the M135i, generating 261 horsepower versus the latter’s 302 horsepower. However, the 128ti gain purer steering and is lighter. It also gains a more engaging and simpler attitude matched with a more improved tuning and suspension. Some assume that it’s better to drive because of these specifications. But everyone becomes confident that the new BMW 128ti is the best 1 Series at the moment after watching this latest video.

In the video, it appears that Achilles really did enjoy the new 128ti. He goes far than he can imagine and even claims that he does not think that he can go this far with the more powerful BMW M2 Competition. Thus, it is a fact that this new BMW 128ti can give you a fun ride on twisty roads despite that it’s a front-wheel drive. To conclude, the new BMW 128ti is better than the powerful M135i – an interesting move from the BMW.

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