[VIDEO] BMW M3 & M4 CSL Meet M3 E30 DTM Icon

A captivating video was shot in a multi-story parking lot, showcasing a beautiful mix of vintage and modern. It features a stunning M3 DTM E30 tribute car, flanked by an M3 Touring and an M4 CSL, all bearing Swiss registration plates. These two modern BMWs sport the anniversary roundel, introduced in 2022 to celebrate 50 years of the M division.

Among the trio, the eldest draws inspiration from the 1992 Warsteiner DTM E30 M3, a contender in the Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters. Joachim Winkelhock secured a win at the 200-mile Norisring race in Nuremberg, Germany, that year. Standing out as well is the M4 CSL, which boasts a limited production of just 1,000 units. Completing the unique set is BMW’s long-anticipated M3 Touring wagon.

The video highlights the significant evolution of BMW’s lineup, showing how models from the same family have changed. Modern cars are much bigger with bolder designs, including expansive front grilles. In contrast, the E30 features charmingly small kidney grilles, a nod to a bygone era. BMW aims to evolve the grille design further, merging it with the headlights for the upcoming Neue Klasse launch in 2025.

If the same person owns all three cars, that’s quite intriguing. The M4 CSL comes in three colours: Sapphire Black, Alpine White, and Frozen Pure Grey. At its debut, only one vehicle sported Frozen Pure Grey, a unique matte finish. For the M3 Touring, buyers can opt for Tanzanite Blue among many colour choices during configuration.

BMW recently updated the M4 with a subtle facelift, gearing up for the M4 CS’s launch in late 2024. The M3 Touring is set for its facelift this year, with a CS model expected to arrive in 2025.

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