BMW Accelerates Electric Shift with Upcoming M3 Touring

BMW, the legendary German automaker, is setting the stage for a revolutionary shift in its iconic M series. Hot on the heels of a recent upgrade to the M3 Touring, which saw enhanced aesthetics and a power boost, BMW is now steering towards an electric future with plans to introduce an all-electric M3 Wagon.

Photo from Motor1

The buzz around BMW’s M division indicates that it will introduce an electric version of the M3 Touring, veering away from traditional combustion engines. This new addition is expected to ride on BMW’s cutting-edge Neue Klasse platform, tailored specifically for electric vehicles (EVs). While the current super estate utilizes the CLAR platform, the shift to Neue Klasse promises a foundational change, enhancing the vehicle’s performance and sustainability credentials.

According to a trusted BMW insider, the electric M3 Wagon, known internally as the “ZA1,” has been greenlit for production. This follows on the wheels of an electric M3 sedan, expected to debut first in 2027 as part of the same Neue Klasse-based 3 Series rollout. The sedan’s codename, “ZA0,” hints at BMW’s systematic approach to electrification, with further plans extending to electric M variants of the X3 and X4, codenamed “ZA5” and “ZA7”, respectively.

Despite the electric transition, traditionalists might find solace in the knowledge that a next-gen M3 with a combustion engine is also on the horizon. However, there seem to be no plans for a direct replacement of the current combustion-engine M3 Touring.

As BMW phases out the “i” and “M” combination for naming its electric models, as seen in the i4 M50 and i7 M70, the naming convention for these new electric models remains a topic of speculation and interest. Under the hood, BMW’s M division is experimenting with a dual-motor setup providing about 700 horsepower and a more robust quad-motor configuration, ensuring these electric variants do not lack the iconic M series performance.

While the electric M3 Touring’s availability in the U.S. remains uncertain—the current model remains exclusive outside America—optimism persists as the market prepares to welcome the larger M5 Touring later this year. BMW’s move to electrify its M series reflects the industry’s shift towards sustainable mobility and showcases the brand’s commitment to maintaining its performance heritage in the electric era.

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