[VIDEO] Can BMW iX With Prototype Battery Drive 600 miles?

As battery tech improves, people are becoming less worried about range. With a prototype battery from ONE, can the BMW iX cover 600 miles in one charging?

The BMW iX xDrive50 can cover 324 miles on a single charge as per EPA’s official number. That figure is already good considering its size. Not to mention, the bulky electric SUV is not lightweight. Nevertheless, the option for 21-inch wheels decreases the SUV’s range to 305 miles. Also, the 22-inch, which is a more aerodynamic set cuts its range to 315 miles.

But can BMW iX cover around double the range of its least capable version? The Michigan-based energy storage company, Our Next Energy (ONE), takes the challenge. ONE developed its Gemini Dual-Chemistry battery with the help of BMW i Ventures. This battery is less harmful to the environment. It also cuts down the amount of graphite used by 60% and lithium by 20%.

In addition, ONE noted that it reduces nickel and cobalt used to a minimum. ONE then greatly boosts the iX’s range to 600 miles. BMW i Ventures and ONE sets the end of 2022 to finalize the prototype car. This iX will carry the experimental battery pack that promises 600 miles on one charge.

Their plan is to stuff in twice the energy available in current batteries. Mujeeb Ijaz, the CEO, hopes this will result in long-distance driving. Of course, with lesser need for recharging.

The Dual-Chemistry battery combines two significant chemistries, thus, the name. These are lithium-iron-phosphate (LFP) cathode and ONE’s own chemistry. This generates bountiful use of manganese. Consequently, this reduces nickel and cobalt. Significantly, the LFP covers around 99% of iX’s total range. The remaining 1% comes from the cells of ONE.

Of course, this is still a work in progress. ONE is set to test various blends to fully maximize battery performance.

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