BMW and Es Devlin Unveil Hydrogen-Powered Art at Art Basel 2024

At the prestigious Art Basel in Basel 2024, BMW and London-based artist Es Devlin revealed a groundbreaking multi-media installation titled SURFACING. This collaboration marks a fusion of sustainable technology and artistic expression, centered around the innovative BMW iX5 Hydrogen vehicles. The event showcases a stunning integration of water, light, sound, …

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All things being equal: Driving the BMW U11 iX1 eDrive20 64.8kWh

We last drove the U11 X1 in its Category-A friendly iteration a little over a year ago and while the sDrive16’s premium build quality, handsomely rugged exterior design and dynamic handling left us with enough positive impressions to overlook its slightly harsh ride and counterintuitive infotainment UI, the one thing …

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BMW iX2 M Sport Takes Center Stage in France

BMW has once again raised the bar with the unveiling of the revamped X2, internally known as the U10 model. This isn’t just a typical refresh; it’s a complete reimagination of the crossover-coupe concept. Adding to the excitement is the debut of the iX2, BMW’s latest venture into the realm …

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BMW i4 & iX: Outdoing Range Tests by 50 Miles


Range anxiety is still a problem even though electric vehicles have advanced significantly in recent years. This and inadequate EV charging infrastructure still lead some to prefer gas-powered cars. However, if you’re considering an electric vehicle but have concerns about its efficiency, Consumer Reports has conducted an extensive investigation. While …

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Gemini Battery Sets the Bar for 600+ Mile EV Range

Our Next Energy Inc. (ONE), a Michigan-based energy storage tech company, has just unveiled the game-changing capabilities of its Gemini dual-chemistry battery. In a BMW iX, the Gemini battery achieved an astounding 608.1 miles on a single charge, outclassing current BMW iX models rated at 348 miles by the WLTP …

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