Gemini Battery Sets the Bar for 600+ Mile EV Range

Our Next Energy Inc. (ONE), a Michigan-based energy storage tech company, has just unveiled the game-changing capabilities of its Gemini dual-chemistry battery. In a BMW iX, the Gemini battery achieved an astounding 608.1 miles on a single charge, outclassing current BMW iX models rated at 348 miles by the WLTP test cycle.

The Gemini battery stands out for its dual-chemistry architecture, utilizing distinct cell types for optimal performance. Lithium iron phosphate (LFP) cells cover 99% of daily trips with a 150-mile range, while high energy density anode-free cells, activated through ONE’s DC-to-DC converter, add 450 miles for longer journeys. This makes the Gemini the longest-range EV battery pack fitting standard vehicle energy storage space.

ONE’s CEO, Mujeeb Ijaz, emphasized the Gemini’s role in mass EV adoption, stating, “It can double the range of EVs, breaking down the biggest barrier to electrification.” Beyond range, the Gemini technology promotes sustainability by reducing lithium use (up to 20%) and graphite (60%), minimizing nickel and cobalt.

Jürgen Hildinger, BMW Group’s Head of High Voltage Storage, applauded the achievement, expressing excitement about future collaboration. With a commercial focus, ONE aims to enhance efficiency, develop control algorithms, and validate the battery for a full production program. The Gemini battery is reshaping the EV landscape, setting new standards for range and sustainability.

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