MINI’s Countryman Ascends Las Vegas’ Sphere

MINI’s new Countryman made a grand entrance in the US, perched atop Las Vegas’ Sphere building. This compact crossover, displayed on the 580,000-square-foot LED-covered structure, seized attention during the recent Formula 1 Grand Prix broadcast. The campaign, running from November 27 to December 2, peaks on December 1 with a four-hour display.

Owned by BMW, MINI strategically used the Sphere’s popularity to showcase the electric Countryman. The Sphere, an impressive 366 feet high and 516 feet wide, features a wraparound screen where MINI’s latest model is spotlighted. Beyond the visual spectacle, MINI highlights the 2025 Countryman, the recently launched Spike virtual assistant, and the circular OLED screen inside its new line of cars.

In production at BMW’s Leipzig factory, the third-gen Countryman is available in the US with gas and electric options. The Countryman S ALL4, starting at $38,900, packs a 241 hp turbocharged 2.0-liter engine. 

The John Cooper Works model offers 312 hp. On the other hand, the electric Countryman SE ALL4 boasts 313 hp. Combustion engine versions arrive in spring 2024, while the electric model hits the US in the fall. MINI USA remains tight-lipped about the 3-Door electric hatch unveiled alongside the Countryman at the IAA Mobility Show in Munich.

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