MINI John Cooper Works Triumphs at Nürburgring 24 Hours Race

MINI John Cooper Works proudly announces a spectacular performance at the 2024 Nürburgring 24 Hours race, showcasing the brand’s enduring spirit and engineering excellence. The highly anticipated MINI John Cooper Works Pro #317 and the steadfast MINI John Cooper Works #474 delivered remarkable results, cementing MINI’s place in motorsport.

Photo from BMW Group

The #317 MINI John Cooper Works Pro, a new generation model set to premiere in fall 2024, emerged victorious in the SP-3T class, securing first place with a stunning lap time of 10:06. Markus Fischer, Charlie Cooper, Christoph Kragenings, and Sebastian Sauerbrei piloted this impressive vehicle. Their performance underscores the capabilities and future potential of the next-generation MINI John Cooper Works models.

Meanwhile, the #474 MINI John Cooper Works, featuring a six-speed manual transmission, continued its legacy of excellence by securing a commendable third place in the VT-2 class. Building on its previous year’s success of a second-place finish, the car, driven by Marco Zabel, Sascha Korte, Andreas Hilgers, and Michael Bräutigam, recorded a fastest lap time of 10:44.118. This showcases the consistency and competitiveness of the MINI brand in endurance racing.

Stefanie Wurst, Head of MINI, praised the achievement, highlighting how it reflects the ongoing racing spirit of MINI. She noted that as MINI celebrates the 60th anniversary of its first Monte Carlo victory, this win at Nürburgring continues the legacy that John Cooper created.

Both cars “Made in Nürburg” were equipped with high-performance Pirelli tyres, further enhancing their competitive edge on the challenging Nürburgring circuit. The overall standings saw the MINI John Cooper Works Pro #317 achieving an impressive overall position of 71. In contrast, the MINI John Cooper Works #474 secured an overall position of 78 out of 127 cars, showcasing the brand’s resilience and prowess in one of the most demanding endurance races globally.

Additionally, the petrol versions of the MINI Cooper, namely the MINI Cooper C and MINI Cooper S, were launched in May 2024, with the first cars being delivered to customers worldwide. The all-new MINI John Cooper Works will premiere in October 2024, offering both all-electric and petrol-powered options.

The success at Nürburgring highlights MINI’s commitment to maintaining its competitive edge in motorsport while advancing its product line to meet future demands. The impressive performance of the MINI John Cooper Works models at this prestigious event demonstrates their engineering excellence and the brand’s unwavering spirit.

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