BMW’s X7 M60i & i7: A Dual Showcase of Flagships

BMW Brazil recently captured the essence of luxury with a photo shoot, marking the X7 facelift and the new 7 Series’ debut. In Brazil, the X7 shines as an M Performance model, while the 7 Series takes pride in its all-electric form. These exclusive models highlight BMW’s dedication to superior, innovative design. Leading their segments, the X7 M60i and i7 xDrive60 embody BMW’s distinct approach to flagship luxury.

In Brazil, the X7 M Performance model carries a hefty price tag of R$1,154,950, translating to over $236,000. The all-electric 7 Series is even pricier, starting at R$1,282,950, or around $263,000. For context, the i7 xDrive60 sells for $124,200 in the US, and the X7 M60i starts at just $108,700.Essentially, buyers in Brazil pay more than double for the same vehicle. This steep price difference largely stems from Brazil’s high automobile taxes.

This month, BMW Brazil celebrated a landmark achievement, surpassing sales of 200,000 vehicles since its inception in 1995. The 3 Series, a customer favourite, stands out as the brand’s top-selling car in Brazil, particularly in 2022 and the first half of 2023. The G20 also enjoyed significant popularity. BMW’s Araquari facility, located in Santa Catarina in Brazil’s southern region, plays a crucial role in the BMW Group. It’s their first plant in South America, responsible for assembling models like the X1, X3, 3 Series, and X4, underscoring Brazil’s importance to BMW’s global operations.

BMW’s innovative “Retail Next” concept, which revamps store designs, has been warmly received in Brazil. The Grand Brasil in Alphaville, São Paulo, epitomizes this transformation. Spanning six stories, its interior echoes the elegance of a luxury boutique hotel. The emphasis isn’t on displaying numerous cars; instead, the showroom offers a few select models. This approach creates an inviting atmosphere, where high-quality furnishings and lounge-style seating offer customers a comfortable and premium experience.

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