Guesstimating The Weight of The G87 BMW M2

BMW was very generous in giving the tech specs of the new BMW M2. However, BMW engineers keep holding back a significant detail. The German carmaker left us guesstimating the weight of the G87 BMW M2.

Guesstimating The Weight of The G87 BMW M2

BMW engineers reveal driving dynamics first like with most BMW early prototype quick drive. Now, though, they are hiding some things from enthusiasts. Recently, they are holding back details on the weight of their cars. This is the case for the 2023 BMW M2.

Weight is an important detail for sportscars. In fact, details on weight are as important as power specs for these supercars. This crucial detail gives an early indication of the car’s performance on the track. But BMW’s genius engineers leave us all guesstimating the weight of the G87 M2.

Guesstimating The Weight of The G87 BMW M2

Apparently, the 2023 BMW M2 weighs around between the F87 M2 and the M4 Coupe. The F87 M2 Competition weighs 75 kg heavier than the standard M2. This standard M2’s manual transmission weighs 1,550 kg, while the dual-clutch transmission weighs 1,575 kg. Thus, the outgoing M2 Competition weighs around 1,625 to 1,650 kg.

The new manual G82 M4 RWD weighs 1,674 kg. On the other hand, the automatic M4 Competition AWD weighs 1,725 kg. But BMW has not said anything about which M4 Coupe they used for comparison. That is a major factor in guessing the G87 M2’s real weight.

Guesstimating The Weight of The G87 BMW M2

Nevertheless, BMW mentioned that the new M2 inherited many components from the M4. This includes the S58 engine, exhaust system, cooling system, and brakes. Considering this, the 2023 BMW M2 will weigh heavier than the M240i Coupe RWD.

Munich’s marketing team seems to enjoy that fans are guesstimating the new M2’s weight. Therefore, it is unlikely that they will release the numbers any time sooner. So either be patient or keep guessing!

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