The 2022 BMW 8 Series facelift, M8 GC spied in Germany

The BMW 8-Series in 2022 is about to receive a light LCI procedure. Two prototypes of the BMW 8-Series in camouflage undergo road tests recently in Germany. Have a refresh of the 2018-2019 8-Series and have a look at these photos.

2022 BMW 8 Series facelift, M8 GC spied in Germany

Generations of the G14, G15, and G16 LCI models are ready to set their official reveal in early 2022 or later this year. A camouflaged 8 Series Gran Coupe facelift prototype in Germany was seen. Moreover, a test car seen on the trailer seemed to be the coming new M8 GC facelift. 

Most of the irritated customers and fans will feel relieved after their dismay at the kidney grille of the 4 Series. The M8 or 8 Series retains more normal grilles, as seen on the tracks. 8 Series outer framing of the kidneys are reshaped on purpose for a more muscular 3D appearance. It will look slightly larger than the previous kidney grilles. 

2022 BMW 8 Series facelift, M8 GC spied in Germany 1

Expect that there may be a new headlight signature, air vents, and a revamped front bumper. The rear end slightly revised will also come in hand. The new 8-series would likely be having the new infotainment interface in its facelift generation. Likely how it’s a preview on the iX. There is still uncertainty if the LCI models will be on Curved Display or retain the current classic dashboard architecture.

Based on some reports, the G14, G15, and G16 models with new facelifts will come equipped standardly. Systems and several features are offered only as an option. It will probably make a price increase if you are into all the 8 Series iterations. Moreover, the M Sport trim line is on standard in the 840i and 840d power variants, as rumoured.

BMW made an evolving style and updated M Performance technical features. The BMW is attempting to differentiate the M850i versions further from the non-M models.

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