The new BMW 128ti Competes with Volkswagen GTI

The newly launched BMW 128ti officially takes part in the lineup of premium hot hatches. Because of its rear-wheel drive layout, this 128ti was always quite an outlander in its segment. This is a fact even though this premium performance hatchback already represents BMW for almost a decade now. But this time, the BMW 128ti will sport a front-wheel-drive layout. Compared to the original 1 Series, the new 128ti gains sharper steering, a punchier engine, and a more aggressive attitude. On that count, the 128ti now competes with the classification of the Volkswagen GTI.

Deemed as the king of the hot-hatch segment and probably the world’s best overall car, the Volkswagen GTI is a hard competition. Some car enthusiasts might laugh at the idea that BMW can finally compete with it with its new 128ti. The perfect combination of performance, comfort, size, quality, practicality, handling and price makes the Mk7 generation of the Volkswagen GTI the best. However, the BMW 128ti now gains the chance to take this title.

These two cars compete in Auto Express’ comparison test. Take a moment in reading it, especially that the results of this comparison is absolutely good. In several ways, both hot hatches gain similar characteristics and are also excellent cars. While the BMW 128ti produces 261 horsepower and 242 horsepower for the VW GTI, both utilize 2.0-litre turbocharged engines. The 128ti accelerates in 6.1 seconds and 6.3 seconds for the Volkswagen, thus hitting 60 mph in almost similar records.

While both perform very well, they also possess significant differences that make one an unmistakable winner for this comparison test. Check out more of this comparison test from Auto Express. Let’s find out whether the newly launched BMW 128ti can finally outmatch the highly esteemed Volkswagen GTI, this time in the hot-hatch car segment.

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