[Video] Savagegeese Reviews the new 2021 BMW 330e

As big of a Youtube channel the Savagegeese have, they did not get the chance to review the G20 3 Series. Finally, Savagegeese releases a new video review of the brand new 2021 BMW 3 Series – the 330e of all models. The plug-in hybrid version is not for everyone. Savagegeese did not just focus on the electric version but mentioned other versions also. Check out for more details in this new video from Savagegeese of the new 2021 BMW 3 Series.

Covering the new 3 Series as a whole for the review rather than only a specific model is more of a holistic approach. ” As they point out, BMW had plenty of time to refine the 3 Series recipe over the last 40 years. So, the current model looks and feels so good and predictable in every way that you might consider it boring. And yet, there is a certain reassurance in that boredom, you find it comforting and reliable, knowing that everything behaves in a certain way,” states Gabriel Nica from BMW Blog.

Moreover, the limited electric range may be insufficient as the distances are long in the Midwest. Savagegeese states that the 330e would not make sense in the Midwest. If you are one of those who like to drive, then the BMW 330e will bring that fun factor up. The BMW 330e packs plenty of power from the internal combustion unit with its instant torque from the electric motor. It is also in a rear-wheel-drive setup, which makes it fun to drive.

One of the guys from Savagegeese points out that some people might not agree with everything about the car. The interior of the 330e Series might be better for him, including the materials used in making it. Probably for most people, giving out extra money for premium cars might not be worth it. But for those who want a better driving experience, premium cars would come in handy.

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