[Video] The new BMW G82 M4 – Interior and Exterior Details

Up until now, fans can’t seem to get enough of the new M cars, especially the new BMW M3 and M4. BMW Blog got the chance to spend some time with the new BMW G82 M4 in Palm Beach, Florida. Check this new clip from BMW Blog for more details about the G82 M4.

To get a better and closer look at the new M4, you will need to find one at a dealership. Horatiu showcases in the BMW G82 M4 up close, in this new video, from its specs to its design, colors, and interior. Seeing the car coated in Sao Paulo Yellow is something you would not likely see on dealer lots. There are only a few displayed available in these vibrant colors.

The M3 and M4’s vibrant color specs are appealing colors the M Series has debuted in some time. Moreover, the highlighter yellow paintwork is still good color, as it emphasizes the G82 M4 grille. “I’m personally just so sick of grey, silver, and dark blue cars in every automakers’ press photos and press fleets that seeing something so bold is genuinely refreshing,” says Nico DeMattia from BMW Blog.

The BMW M4 interior comes with the Yar Marina Blue and Yellow interior color spec combined, seen in its carbon-fiber bucket seats. There are complaints about the seats of the M4, as some find it uncomfortable in long journeys for taller people. Its little carbon bit separating the passenger’s legs is sometimes irritating. If you are into having kick-ass sport seats, then that is the price to pay. But, they do seem necessary.

BMW Blog did not have the chance for a proper review of the BMW M3 or the M4. However, we can only take a closer look at the M4 from BMW Blog in this new video.

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