[Video] Harry Metcalfe Weighs the new BMW M3 Competition

Several reviews feature the new BMW M3 Competition. And finally, we get to hear what Metcalfe has to say about the new M3 Competition. Harry Metcalfe started the Evo magazine way back then that showcases vehicles from hot hatches to supercars. Now he shifts to the digital world, making video content as it is the demand nowadays. Harry does straightforward reviews, no biases, just an honest review. You can always count on Harry for honesty in the cars he drives. We get to see Harry Metcalfe in this video, driving the new BMW G80 M3 Competition. Check out this new video from Harry’s Garage. What are his thoughts about the new M3 Competition?

Harry gives his insights in his recent video of the G80 M3 Competition. Other reviews took it easy in their M3. However, Harry gives us a more honest review from the outside and inside. He complains about the added weight of the electrically adjustable seats after dissecting the interior and exterior. Harry complains about the usage of an electric boot opener.

Metcalfe highlights the gearbox of the M3. Compared to a dual-clutch (DCT) alternative, it has a torque converter unit that makes the car a lot more friendly in a day-to-day scenario. Another good thing is the shape of those two little M buttons on the steering wheel in the new M3. In the older versions, you get to have a lot of trouble adjusting its suspension, engine, gearbox, and other parameters. You can configure the new models to your preferred setup, save, and activate with the push of a button.

Moreover, Harry emphasizes the driving aids of the M3, namely the Personal Driving Assistant. The driving aids are not a thing when talking about performance cars. But then, it did and says a lot about the new M3 Competition.

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